The main goal of this forum was to create a space for the unification of different yoga types and people who are practicing it. A development of the unification principle and holistic approach in the work with human on mental, emotional, sensational, physical and energy levels.

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Programme of the Yoga Forum

First day: Introduction – what is integrative yoga. The connection of five elements with Yoga will lead us to five senses, three levels of the consciousness and the Natural Law. Later we will observe different types of yoga and how they are applying the integrative principle.

Practice, demonstration of the styles.

Second day: one of our main speaker will be Dmitriy Orlov who will present a Vastu program and Vedanta principles in approach to the Quantum Feng Shui. We will be introduced to the idea of how those programs are realising the ICIP principle through the diagnostic technologies. If Vedanta it is a science of life (received through Upanishad and Rigveda) than we will see where all this started to differentiate and transform.

Each day will have lectures in the morning and practice/demonstration in the second part of a day. If the forum will be done only in one day, than in before lunchtime we will have an introduction to the Cosmology and the Unity Principle, from the historical perspective different parts of yoga came (where are similarities and differences in them). A very important aspect of this event is to create a platform where science, medicine of different types and spirituality can meet.

2-3 July 2015

Saint-Petersburg, Russia