‘The Common Factor in the Cognitive Sciences: Health, Education and Sport’

Moscow Seminar with international participation

The Common Factor project is a platform that brings together scientists, specialists, artists and professionals from many different backgrounds to discuss humanity’s most pressing issues, in a round table format.

Theme of this Common Factor edition: Student health through the prism of Science, and different methodological developments in Education, Health and Diagnostic technologies.

Join leading professionals in taking a fresh, multi-faceted look at contemporary issues.

Includes discussions such as:
– Voluntary and involuntary attention in learners
– The impact of competition on the process of education and health
– Mechanisms of self-regulation in stress

Live streaming is available for international guests, running from 8am – 5pm UK-time. See the site through link below for schedule…

Watch Here the presentation on “The impact of Competitiveness on Learning and Health” by Konstantin Pavlidis 

The Common Factor conferences feeds into the Sci-Art-Met Interface…
Sci-Art-Met Symposium
14 – 15th May 2016
Courtauld Institute of Art
Somerset House, London